All residents of the City of Fairmont who have a sump pump must discharge it outside during
the period of April 1st through November 15th. During that time, it is a violation of City Code
Section 25-841 to discharge a sump pump into the sanitary sewer and will be enforced as such.
However, for the period of November 16th through March 31st, the City of Fairmont encourages
that homeowners DO discharge their sump pump to the sanitary sewer to avoid issues with
street icing and resulting safety issues.
We will send another reminder in March to encourage homeowners to redirect sump pump
discharges away from the sanitary sewer.
Remember, leaving your sump pump connected to the sanitary sewer during potential rainfall
months can lead to:
• Added wastewater treatment costs.
• High flows in the collection system leading to sewage backups in basements.
• Overloading of the Wastewater Treatment Facility, leading to Minnesota Pollution
Control Agency (MCPA) permit violations, and forcing the City to expand the treatment
plant to handle high flows.
If you have any questions regarding your sump pump discharge, please contact Doug Rainforth,
Water/Wastewater Superintendent, at 507-235-6502.