The Martin County Board Tuesday Approved a resolution certifying the proposed 2020 property tax levy at $17.3 million, a 6.44 percent increase over the 2019 levy. Cuts to the levy can be made, and are expected, but the amount can no longer increase before final approval in December. The Truth in Taxation Hearing is set for Tuesday Dec. 3, at 6 PM.

The Commissioners heard from Sarah Emery, regional manager for Avengrid Renewables concerning the Trimont Wind Repower Project. It is meant to upgrade to the existing Trimont Windfarm, a 100.5-megawatt wind generation facility that operates in Martin and Jackson counties.

The upgrades would consist of retrofitting the existing wind turbines with new components, including new and larger rotors. Project construction is set to begin in October.

Also approved by the board:

An agreement with DeWar Electric Inc to replace emergency generators at the security building in the amount of $219,037,and an agreement with I&S Group, Inc. for the Courthouse dome restoration project in the amount of $194,000.

Commissioners also approved acceptance of a donation from I T C of $3,000 dollars earmarked for the Martin County Parks/ Trail Board.