The Martin County Board on Tuesday chose Steve Flohrs as the Board Chair for this year with Elliot Belgard elected Vice Chair.

Martin County Commissioners again discussed the topic of refugee resettlement consent. Commissioners again tabled the issue, saying they had not heard from many constituents.

In a previous meeting, the board heard from Racheal King, refugee coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, who explained the federal process and noted that Gov. Tim Walz previously gave consent to refugee resettlement. Commissioners tabled the issue at the time, making positive statements regarding the giving of consent.

President Trump issued an executive order requiring state and local governments to provide written consent to the federal government before refugees can be resettled in their jurisdictions. Beginning June 1, the order will generally apply to all arriving refugees, including those with family members already living in Minnesota.

Commissioners passed a motion to table the matter until they had another chance to hear from constituents.

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