Commissioners – Justice Center

Martin County commissioners on Tuesday heard a final report on a proposed justice center. The proposed justice center has an estimated cost of about $40 million.
Jonathan Loose of Wold Architects and Engineers of St. Paul completed the study, and a local justice study committee is recommending moving to a pre-design phase.
The study gathered new information and identified any additional needs since a 2009 study. It also determined future space needs for the courts, law enforcement, jail and other county functions. And it reviewed the condition of existing facilities.
A summary of the security building found aging plumbing fixtures, inadequate security provisions, electrical panels past their useful life, inefficient lighting and a sprinkler system that only covers a portion of the building, among other things. In addition, jail population is expected to increase over time.
The courthouse summary found similar age-related issues and parking lots in need of repair.
Commissioners passed a motion to receive and file the report, as well as a motion to move on to the pre-design phase at a cost of $13,500, in order to pursue state funding.