The four Fairmont Area School Board candidates — Michael Edman, John Gibeau, Martha Myren and Rufus Rodriguez — had the opportunity to let the public know their positions during a forum Wednesday at City Hall in Fairmont. The four candidate are running to fill three open seats.

Candidates covered a variety of issues, including their thoughts on parent and community engagement; the value of public education; and how they would serve as an advocate.

Mike Edman looked back 20 years to when he was student body president and would seek to help students find a teacher or other adult they could bring problems to.

Current board president Dr. Rufus Rodriguez had a quick answer for advocacy. To work with and for students, parents and teachers.

Candidates also faced the question of what security measures the should school employ to keep students and teachers safe. Martha Myren would have all doors locked and John Gibeau would include technology, social media and consultation with experts.