Only days after all public high schools in Martin County announced a switch to hybrid learning, Fairmont Area Schools on Tuesday opted to go to full distance learning immediately and elementary students will move to an alternate hybrid learning model on Monday. They will still come to school every day but sixth-graders will be moved to the high school, where there is a plan for dedicated learning space. School officials say parents are encouraged to stay in close contact with their child’s school for details on how students will be affected.

The moves came after the Martin County Public Schools had an update from Community Health Services of Faribault/Martin Counties under direction of the Minnesota Departmemt of Health after a major spike in active coronavirus cases in the county. The move also includes the suspension of all extracurricular activities for the time being.In fact a Fairmont bus headed to an activity yesterday afternoon was notified to turnaround and bring the student athletes back home.

Fairmont Area Schools Supt. Joe Brown and School Board members at Tuesday’s meeting admonished adults in the county to step up for the school children and make it possible for them to atttend school in person. Supt, Brown, after the public school districts in the county were told to put their high schools into hybrid model the start of this week, said he was disappointed with the adults who were responsible for the spreading of cases because of large gatherings that did not adhere to Covid-19 guidelines pertaining to large groups, social distancing and the mask mandate in public places.

In a Covid related note – last week the entire sophomore class at Fairmont High School was put on quarantine until this coming Tuesday because a tenth grade teacher had tested positive for the virus.

In good news at the Fairmont School Board meeeting last night Finance Director Chris Muhvich reported the the proposed 2020 payable 20201 tax levy at this point shows a 2.25% decrease. He recommended that the board approve the preliminary amount at the maximum. That can be decreased but not increased before final certification in December.