The Martin County Board Tuesday :

Approved to expend up to $10,000 from the County’s Forfeited Land Fund to share in the demolition cost of a parcel located in the City of Sherburn.

Approved the re-appointment of Les Anderson, Glen Friedrich, and Marlow Nickel to serve and additional 4-year term on the Red Rock Rural Water System Board.

Approved the re-appointment of Bob Lintelman and Chuck Poppe to serve an additional three-year term on the Planning Commission, effective January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023.

Accepted the resignation of Ben Huntley, Planning and Zoning Technician, effective November 20, 2020.

Approved the projects/purchases to be expended from County CARES Act funds: replacement of restroom fixtures to touchless/sensor fixtures, technology upgrades for cost accounting and time keeping to be linked to Ascentis Payroll Program, and technology hardware upgrades and equipment – Highway Department; and purchase and installation of desk panels for four work stations – Auditor/Treasurer’s Office.

Approve quote received from Fairmont Glass and Sign in the amount of $5,319 for the purchase and installation of replacement entry doors at the Garage Storage Facility; and to approve quote received from Paradis Construction in the amount of $2,531.23 for construction of a counter for the Planning and Zoning Office.

Approved request from Renaissance Roofing to hook-up to the existing gas fed roof top units for heating the enclosure around the courthouse dome so that work can be done during the winter months; and that Renaissance Roofing will pay for the hook-up fee(s) and reimburse the County for usage of the natural gas for the project as determined by the County.Approved placement of Renaissance Roofing/ISG Martin County Dome Replacement sign on front courthouse lawn.

Denied resolution approving property tax abatement for new single family construction on Parcel No. 38-725-0010 and Parcel No. 38-725-0020 in the City of Sherburn.