Martin County Commissioners approved disbursement of federal coronavirus relief funds Tuesday. The county has received $2.442 million. The funds are to be used for necessary expenditures incurred because of the public health emergency with respect to COVID-19. The expenses need to be incurred from March 1 to Dec. 1. Allocations approved include: $803,965 for county expenses and Human Services; $600,000 for area public and private schools; and $750,000 for business economic relief. This leaves $250,000 remaining. First respondsers are included but an amount has not been determined yet. Commissioner Richard Koons voted against the measure only because he wanted a portion of the school funding go to be dedicated to grants for families who may need assistance with technology costs if school students suddenly find themselves faced with distance learning because of Covid guidelines.

The board also whittled down the proposed change in the levy for 2021 at a 2.64% increase amounting to 451,890 dollars that’s down from the the 3.07% from the last budget workshop. The preliminary budget has to be approved by the end of the month. After that it can be lowered but not raised before being certified in December.

The commissioners were presented with the Vietnam Verterans Commemoration letter from President Trump and Minnesota Governor Walz Proclamation from the August 1 Dedication of the Bell Cobra Helicopter at the Martin County Veteran’s Memorial. The Commissioners then presented a Letter of Appreciation to Steve Chase, Chair of the Martin County Veterans Memorial Dedication Committee, for everything he did in conjunction with obtaining and organizing the Dedication Ceremony.